Why Social Media is Important for your business!

Social Media is an infinitely growing platform of individuals, groups of people and businesses that range in size from small to large. Social Media has become one of the most reliant forms of connecting with others that has ever existed and if your business is not taking advantage of these platforms you are missing out on key marketing opportunities. So why should your business implement social media?

Cost Effective

Aside from word of mouth, there is almost no other marketing strategy that is as cost effective as using social media. First of all, signing up for any social media platform is free and requires simple information such as your email, name and phone number. Second, it provides a network of people and businesses that you can connect with in order to engage in meaningful sharing of information. Third, you can post and share any information or news that is important to your business to your customers, clients and followers with out spending a penny. Now of course there is opportunity to spend money to increase your visibility, drive traffic to your sites and ensure the right people are seeing your account, however the benefits that are reaped from mass recognition and connection through social media platforms will provide a beneficial return on that investment.

Customer Engagement & Satisfaction

Endless opportunities arise over social media to participate in customer engagement. Social media serves as an outlet for customers to leave reviews on the service and products they received. In addition, it opens the channel for business owners to connect and engage in conversation with their clients which aids in winning their attention and conveying your brands values. Customers greatly appreciate receiving personal responses to their questions, concerns and praises rather than automated messages and this causes customer satisfaction to sky rocket.

Brand Loyalty & Recognition

Connecting with consumers through social media is an excellent way to increase brand recognition and brand loyalty. By using your social platforms to share meaningful and interesting content you will over time build up a loyal base of individuals who will turn to your brand when they are need of the services you provide. Social Media and regular interaction is a great way to ensure you are staying at the front of your customers minds. In addition, when customers see regular engagement and interaction over social channels it helps to build a positive image of your brand in their minds.

Increased Traffic & Sales

Finally and perhaps most importantly, Social Media drives sales. By engaging and connecting with consumers outside the workplace, on their phones and laptops you are encouraging consumers to search up your accounts, visit your website, participate in contests, take advantage of promotions but most importantly urging them to buy.

Final Thoughts

Social Media is a daunting tool if you are not sure how to begin, who to follow or what to post. But the investment in social media will offer you great return, increased brand awareness, further consumer reach and greater customer satisfaction all without breaking the bank. If you are not avidly participating in social media already, I strongly urge you to take advantage of the tools that are right at your finger tips!